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Squee Post

Okay, so here is my massive squee rant about going to see the show on Thursday: (Copied from my LJ so if things don't make sense just go to sideshow_meg and the whole rant is there but it includes stuff from my day at college too)

Okay, so me and my friend Kate were really excited about going to the show so we ran from college to get the train.After our train journey, we got off the train and round our way esaily to the studio and because of our fantastic priority tickets, skipped right to the head of the queue and met some nice people from Blackpool and Eastbourne (Including hot guy from Eastbourne - who had a great scarf).

After 45 minutes of waiting in the cold, we went inside to the studio which is actually tiny and got front row seats (!) right in the view point of Richard and Mel and got told what to do. Then whilst one guy was warming the audience up, I saw Richard waiting in the wings getting his ear piece fitting. I actually almost passed out, he is so gorgeous! Then he came on stage and we gave him a massive applause and whistled and stuff and he introduced his parents to the audience which was really nice. He then told us that if they cocked up anything whilst we were on air, just laugh lots. He also told us he might slip up whilst doing his 'comedy' walk so laugh at that too!

He was so nice and normal and was just laughing and being funny which was great. He also dresses really snappily. And whilst he was being prepped, I smiled at him and he smiled right back at me, I almost melted!

The show was so great, and whilst Richard was interviewing this super rich guy, I was right behind him and in shot so much - People have commented on my stripy jumper and how they liked it - and he was actually sitting about five feet in front of me and all the time, I was pretty much staring lovingly at him - and his arse, which I can confirm, is very nice.

When the programme finished he thanked us all and then went off stage with his parents.

It was so great because there were loads of teeth whitening jokes which were hugely entertaining. Mel is so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.

He actually took off his jacket at one point and got into some overalls which was so hot, I almost fainted!

When we left the studio, they gave us a leaflet meaning if we went again, we could get some more priority tickets!

It was really really good and the screen caps are here. My favourite one is this one:

Image hosted by

</center> I am the girl in the stripy jumper and Kate is the one sitting next to me with the brown hair.

Edit: It's been changed from 'rant' to 'post'
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the titel "squee rant" is a little deseving, cos it wasnt really a rant :P due to the lack of complaining about stuff
There was nothing to complain about, it was the perfect day!
well, thats a good thing then but it means its not a rant :P
*Makes and ironic W gesture* Whatever.

It's just a squee post really.
W Gesture :S Today ive had someone Z-snap me (they did it wrong, backwords) and now a W :S there no good for scarrble.
:hug: I didn't mean the W signal really :D
sorry aboyt that before, i have this annoying abbillity to point out errors that no one cares about, must be my geeky nature, some day ill be at the back of an anime concention hall saying "excuse me! in scene 15, presicly 12 mins and 23 second in to this anime the guy was holding a red sword with golden dectal! but in the VERY NEXT scene the sword clearly had changed ot gold and silver dectal, i hope someone got fired for that one!"
Haha! Nope, I'm exactly the same. Well except for the anime and firing part.
yer, talking to me u have to exspect an anime referance, i have a slight obsession with Anime and FF7 and my fav chars from them all!! i was sad when my fave game char got beaten up by some guy, poor miss lockhart :(
SO mum has told me I can't go because of fecking unfair :(
woweeeeee, ur sooo lucky. i would not be able to get there so i cant go. did you actuazlly meet hammy?
Unfortunately now, but I got a nice view of his arse!
p.s how short is he in real life?
About 5 feet 7, same as me
woah, thats tall for a girl! im considered tall by my palls and ima whole inch shorter.
He might be a little shorter actually, he's also quite thin, so really a pint sized pocket rocket - *smirk*
you know what, ive just read it properly and now i am so fucking jelous!!!!!

*cries in fustration*
Oooh, I should so apply to go...I might have to, it does look very cool