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Hammond's 5 o'clock Show

aka Hammy's hour

Hammy's hour of fun!
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As, like the show, this community is very new, it, like the show, has yet to find a proper identity. At the moment it is just a place to comment on the contents of the show and Hammond, but it should hopefully develop and become less bitty.

I can't believe no-one had thought of making this community!

This is made especially for fans of the show 'Hammond's 5 o'clock Show' - an English afternoon show which was born on the 3rd of January 2006.

I am the creator and main maintainer of this community rastnim.
My co-mods to help me should this place get too much during work periods etc are the gorgeous and lovely twinni_two and sideshow_meg. If you have any problems or queries contact one of us and we will sort you out.

The presenter is the adorable little (only 5'7 aw!) Richard Hammond and his co-host the insufferable Mel Giedroyc (whose name is also impossible to spell so we just call her Mel).

The show features a range of things - usually one or more person who has or is doing something amazing (who can forget the 1st show's real-life Batman and Robin!?) and 'Testing Product Claims' - where they slaughter products that claim outrageous things i.e. the wipe clean suit and the 60-minute key makers.

As there have only been 4 shows at this point I can say no more! Will fill you in later - come join us now if you love the show!

Why not visit our affiliate - hammond_fans!
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